I’m not a writer. Why this blog? The answer is to be found in the necessity to throw light into the world of the musician. What is left to the listener after a concert is usually the echo of good music, the impression of something played with gusto.  The classical musician is surrounded by a mysterious halo, someone who carries along the fascination of the unknown, the unsaid. Very little is known about classical music, which remains undisclosed, old fashioned and protected behind tall walls of silence. The usual reactions when I say that I play the piano are perplexity, distance. Much better not ask. I suspect that even my own family nurture some reasonable doubt about what I really do for a living.  

Today, more than ever before it’s mandatory to clarify what it really means to be a musician, so to avoid the risk to consider this profession abstract, distant from the real world, from the worries that ordinary people face and share every day.

The artist is not just a mere performer: he/she is a person who has walked and is walking along a path. What’s his/her story? Why did he/she choose to study Music? To be an artist today in Italy means what? What’s behind the performance? How much work? What has the musician in common  with the non musician?

The cues I shortlisted attempt to fill in this gap, to offer my own answers to the above questions, to tell my story and give evidence for my somewhat unusual decisions.  


Behind my writings you will recognize my reflections as well as the great fun I shared with my close friend Alberto, musician, free and pure spirit, with whom I engaged in so many battles the way Don Quixote would have done. He was there when I first started my adventure and encouraged me to pursue my goals. One of us had to start to speak out: I did.  

To him my writings and appreciation.


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