Maria Cefalà is an Italian pianist, interpreter of J. S. Bach’s repertoire.

Her troublesome life is deeply linked to the artistic course of study she has undertaken.

That’s what Anna Kravtchenko, the pianist who discovered her, says:

“Maria is an ascetic, one and the same with her piano. Her talent and absolute devotion to Music make her a unique, rare and true performer, totally devoted to her solitary quest. The way she interprets Bach goes straight to the heart: tenderly intimate, elegant, fully magic”.


Born in 1989, after a brilliant course of study and a piano degree gained with outstanding marks,

Maria is forced to part with her musical career. Crashed by the overwhelming work load and

pressure from the academic world, she faces physical breakdown, developing a severe

inflammation to arms. At first and for a few months the symptoms are underestimated, taken too

lightly by her artistic teacher and she keeps on playing. After all that’s what she is expected to do.

As a result the inflammation gets worse and becomes chronic. In the end, the pain is so intense

that she is forced to abandon her activity and for more than three years she deserts the piano

leaving behind the world of music. The emotional impact cannot be more penetrating.


This silent period sees Maria devoting herself both to teaching and studying. She gets a degree in

Musicology while methodically committing herself to long lasting rehabilitation sessions.

The intermission period marks a definitive turning point in Maria’s artistic development and she

drastically changes her approach to playing Music.

Not much time has elapsed since Maria has resumed her piano activity, when she is brought to the

attention of the well known ukrainian pianist Anna Kravtchenko, who at only sixteen managed to

win the Busoni Piano Contest.

The latter sees a video where Maria is playing one of J.S. Bach’s Toccatas. She recognizes her

unique talent when interpreting the Bach repertoire and decides to offer her tuition.

The two of them develop a strong relationship and from this collaboration springs out the Bach

Project: under Anna’s artistic guidance, Maria decides to undertake the integral study of J. S. Bach’s

keyboard operas, realizing that since her childhood she has always felt deeply attracted to Bach.

Gradually she deserts the traditional academic path leaving behind musical competitions and

concerts to dedicate herself completely to a sound, solitary, gradual search.

Just recently, in 2017, she has carried out the integral study of J. S. Bach’s Partitas for piano, soon

to be followed by all the other collections from the same composer.



In 2017 Maria gives life to the Bach Project,

the integral study of Bach’s keyboard operas by a young italian interpreter.   




Maria is an ascetic, one and the same with her piano. Her talent and absolute devotion

to Music make her a unique, rare and true performer. 




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